What is an excess payment?

An excess payment is an initial one off, part payment of the building works required to commence repairs relating to your insurance claim.

What If I have more than one claim per job address?

If there is more than one claim per address, then more than one excess payment may apply. If in doubt check with your insurance company.

Can I request BE Building Services to complete my insurance repair work?

Yes, you can request BE Building Services to undertake your insurance repairs. However, it is your insurance company’s ultimate decision as to which building company is used.

Do you provide estimated completion dates or job progress information?

Yes, upon your request we can discuss completion dates and the progress of your building repair works.

Will you quote the repairs for me?


Will the excess payment go to my insurance company or the building company?

The excess payment will usually go to the building company. However, occasionally it will  go to the insurer. It is a condition of your insurance contract with your insurer.

Can I get a quote from BE Building Services or do I have to go through my insurance company?

Some insurance companies have a select panel of builders. You can, however, request that we provide the insurer with a quote.

Can I have private work completed by BE Building Services while my insurance repairs are being completed?

Yes, you can engage BE Building Services to complete private work while your insurance repairs are being carried out. For the private building works, the quoting and or invoices for payment will go to you directly.

Do you provide a call-out service?

Yes, we are on call 24 hours of the day. Your insurance company will organise a call-out service should emergency repair work be required. However, you can request that your insurance company uses BE Building Services to attend to the call-out.

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